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June 27, 2009
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Kicking my own ass by YukiH Kicking my own ass by YukiH
Entering as Group 3 for the Kick your own ass contest, article can be seen here: [link]

Original copy: [link] Please forgive me but I did this before I even knew DA existed, I posted it on this board called MoshiMoshiNeko when I started but now the admin wiped the boards fresh or else I would show that topic. [link] Some sort of proof... I don't know! Maybe I'm worrying too much.

I really like the winning print for Group 2... Oh well :(

The drawing on the left is one from new years of 2004, pretty close to the time that I started to draw. I don't think I was half bad for a newbie. I'm glad that I managed to find this contest before it ended even if I don't win anything, without this contest I wouldn't have found this picture. For the longest time I wanted to go in the attic (where I put all my old drawings) and redo literally my first character concept but my mom never allowed me to-- That's okay, I didn't get screwed because I (think) I managed to enter. By the way, her name is Jayde.

Well, comparing the old to the new is like comparing apples to dumptrucks as my English teacher would say. There are SO many things that have changed since 2004... Lets begin with, my newer version is more proportionate until the calves, I wanted to exaggerate the legs because I like long legs. I have a sketch of the current picture it before I 'inked' and colored and the sketch is more proportionate then than it is now. In general the older picture isn't aligned, the shoulders aren't aligned... The head isn't structured as nicely, even the ears look weird in relation to the eyebrows, eyes, and nose. Her head is really big and I made her hair really big in the old one. The stool is slanting, her elbows look weird (attempt to exaggerate), at that time I had trouble getting details down (I believe I still have that issue) and even the earrings are an issue. I made them simpler this time around but at the same time better, I didn't add a cross section in the earrings but I kept them as hoops. Her mouth isn't alined to the nose let alone the rest of the face.

Also, I added colors! The first picture was meant to be colored years ago but when I tried I had issues while using my brother's computer. He had photoshop on it and sometimes I had to wait an hour just for his scanner to finish scanning. One day his scanner stopped working... I never finished because of that and also I was new to coloring and it was hard meaning my lines were not clean to begin with and as a newbie it feels like things like that either makes or breaks your work.

These colors are different from how I did most of the works in my gallery, it's softly blended in (and somewhat bs'ed towards the end.. I got tired, I'm sorry). Other than that, it's not too bad.

Another thing, expression and posture! It's better, she looks way more confident and lets be honest, she looks nicer in general.

Hair - Has more flow to it, I would like to recognize a friend of mine that went under the name 'Buttons' who had literally helped me with my drawing style. If it wasn't for him it would take me a while to learn how to draw my hair with more flow.

Details + Lines = This drawing looks more realistic in a non realistic way, the collar is more aligned and looks correct, the tie looks better, the shoes look better... The thigh high part of the boots look more form fitting along with the material on the arms and pretty much the rest of the body. I managed to emphasize the details here without over doing it unlike my original. I tried to exaggerate things like folds in the old while in the newer one I solved it partly by coloring and partly just by a different drawing technique.

I'm happy, I managed to finish my entry before the contest ended!

Who's bad?!
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Bergholtz Jan 2, 2013  Professional General Artist
Perhaps you should do this again 5 years later. The new picture also got some very serious issues with proportions.
In addition to that, where'd you find me?
Bergholtz Jan 3, 2013  Professional General Artist
I was just reading the forum and clicking on poster icons randomly while procrastinating working on my own art ha ha.
I was told that. Is it from the legs?
Bergholtz Jan 3, 2013  Professional General Artist
Since this is done in a sort of anime style I might not be able to give you completely adequate advice but I do know a little about realistic proportions. One thing that I do know about anime proportions is that in most styles and characters the legs take up a much larger portion of the figure if you compair it to a real person. Looking at you drawing the lenght of the legs looks definately within range of what is considered normal for this type of stylization. I think that they look out of proportion because they are as thick as normal long legs would be. The result is that you don't accept the long legs as a stylization all you see is that they are way to large for her torso.

Anyhow I consider the size of the legs a minor issue. The most staggering problem is that the head is tiny. I think that you might have went overboard correcting your mistake with the large head in your previous drawing. Since the proportions are not realistic you can't use the trick of counting head lenghts to the rest of the body, you have to find one body part and make the head match it in size. One thing that is good to keep in mind is that a tall person generally has longer limbs and a short person shorter. So if you want a character to look tall and imposing you draw a slightly smaller head and a short and petite character will benefit from a slightly larger head.

I'm definately not saying that you havn't improved greatly since your last drawing but there are still a whole lot to work with if you want to put in the time and effort. The only way to be good at drawing humans in any style really is to actually learn about anatomy. The only way to do that is to make studies, preferably from real life. If you wanted me to I could point out every little anatomical issue that I can see in the drawing but in the long run you would be better of having the tools to figuring out these issues for yourself.

Another thing that I would like to point out since you seem to be interested in improving is about the form and light. It does't seem like you have given the lighting any thought at all. One area is lit from one direction and another from a completely different direction. Trying to paint light and form without understanding it will end up in a picture that looks more flat than if you had only lines and flat colours.

I hope that any of this makes sense to you. Go ahead and ask for clarification if you like.
Oh yeah, one more thing.

Even if you didn't say that I haven't improved since my last drawing, I'm well aware that I have and I couldn't assume that you'd think otherwise. It's like the neon green elephant in the room, so that cannot be denied.

I hope you didn't expect that I would get/am upset over your critique. I get more 'upset' over vague critiques because I have this weird belief that if someone is going to critique someone's work, they should work almost as hard as the creator with the assumption that the one critiquing has the critiqued person's best interest in some way. Unless they point something out that's really specific to the person's habits or individual work that they believe can be improved in a short-term sense, whether it be through a little bit of practice or a good mental note. For example, you told me to be mindful of the size of my heads and legs. That's specific, I can fix that habit quickly, and that can be helpful too. Then you went on to mention that shorter people tend to be drawn with larger heads, that's insightful if a person doesn't already know this.
Or you could redline it if you wanted to, or draw it in your style.

Honestly, I knew the head was small, I did a sketch (I think it's one image over) and it was pointed out. I remember rushing for a deadline during that time and even though the head didn't look necessarily too small to me in the sketch, it was definitely confirmed when I lined it out and I never fixed it...

I'm assuming you have looked at my other stuff if you came from the boards, huh?
I think I have a harder time with colors and tonality (is that the proper term?)... I was thinking about going back to my 'roots' and do more traditional work more focused on inking. I started out with inking and I generally prefer sketches and black and white work more. I think with inks because they're so 'unforgiving' I'll also have more clarity in terms of lighting.

Anyway, I've done some body studies before, I can upload them and show you one day...? I think it helped me understand what my strengths are and my weaknesses. From what I've gathered I know I have to do more head, hand, and feet studies. No, the head thing isn't really because I draw anime (in terms of the proportions of the face) as much as I realized during those sessions I ended up flailing on the general form of the skull... I hope that makes sense. I have 2~3 books on anatomy that I haven't gotten a chance to look into because I've been really concerned about my studies. In fact, I haven't drawn in half a year or so.

One more thing, just because I draw in that style doesn't mean you can't give adequate advice. I mean, I like accentuating legs, that's just what I do, and the faces in anime styled works tend to be more disproportionate (well, some are not). Other than that I couldn't imagine that because of my style that anyone's advice wouldn't be suitable...
I think it's really neat you get to see how much you've progressed and improved! She's got so much more character, and I think you've become more confident with your art as well :D

Unfortunately, I tend to trash my old things out of embarrassment.
I really had to force myself not to trash my stuff. Someone told me not to and I listened. We're all embarrassed inside, yeah I think it's because I found my style.
I always like seeing these progression pieces, because it's proof that one doesn't start off as a highly proficient artist, but develops into one through diligence and practice. Keep up the great work.
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